Advertisement formats

Using the services of Digital Agency Network, you can receive maximum profit from your website without losing the visual component of the site. Your participation is limited to allocation of placements for the ad platforms. Our system analyzes and puts out the relevant adverts, given the specifics of your site.

Currently, we use advertising banners, teasers and pop­under ads.


Advertising has always had one mission ­ to attract people's attention. This can be done in different ways, and one of them is contextual targeting. If you combine it with relevant images, you get great performance figures as a result. Matching the theme of the site with the content of the banner is one of the key conditions for successful and sustainable attraction of visitors to the merchant's website.


Teasers are ads that generate interest in a potential buyer. Goods need to be presented as a puzzle, using sharp phrases and provocative images. People will immediately notice a teaser by clicking on your site. Advertised items are shown in automatic mode. With the right placement and correct content, a teaser is guaranteed to lead the buyer to the advertiser's site. Conducting a good teaser company is an art­form, but with our service, it has become much easier.

Pop ­ unders:

Pop­under is a technology that allows you to display an advertisement on top of the site’s content . Pop­under script is activated when you right­click or left­click your mouse the block. While browsing a site, the user will want to close it sooner or later as it moves across the screen, regardless of the viewing height of the page. After the click, a new tab opens with the website prescribed in the code of the pop­under.

The system makes good use of your traffic , based on a large database of visitors. Search queries, the device used, browser, timezone and the other features will help you choose the best advertising for the price and content. Use the site to the maximum, cooperating with us.