What should my web traffic be to participate in an affiliate network?

We accept websites with web traffic of at least 300 visitors per day, that don’t use artificial means of increasing traffic statistics.

What data do I need to provide to work with you as a webmaster?

You need to provide us with access your website’s data on Liveinternet or in any other statistics service.

Can I be a webmaster and an advertiser at the same time ?

Sure. To do this you need to register twice accordingly, using different e­mail addresses, user names and ­ at your discretion ­ passwords.

Are the payments made for clicks or impressions? Do you provide an option of payment in advance or fixed payment ?

Currently the service only works on the PPC (pay per click) system.
We, like any other ad network can not offer the option of prepayment or fixed payment as there are no two sites with the same parameters that shape the cost and number of clicks.

What determines my earnings ?

The size of your website audience, country and region,where the core of your audience is concentrated, subjects of advertising, the number of advertising units, and other factors.

Where can I see the statistics of my earnings? >

Statistics of your earnings will be available for you in the “Webmaster cabinet” after you put the D­agency’s widget on your site and our moderator activates it.

The sum of earnings in statistics differs from the amount on the balance. Why?

This is due to the quality testing of clicks on your site. This test is done by D­agency’s partner ad networks to protect advertisers from cheating. The test lasts 2 days, after which the money for counted clicks will be deposited onto your balance.

How can I withdraw funds ?

Applications are accepted at any time. Money transfers are made ​ through WebMoney on the first and third Friday of each month. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 25.

For what time period do you offer advertising on the site ?

Applications are accepted at any time. Money transfers are made ​ through WebMoney on ​ the first and third Friday of each month. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 25.

How to create a widget ?

You will receive the access to creating widgets immediately after registration. In the “webmaster cabinet” , select " Widgets " in the top menu.
Please pay attention to the status of your widget ­ ad impressions will start only when it is "Active". The widget is given this status by a moderator after checking all the settings you configured. Widget activation occurs within 24 hours after you install d­agency’s widget on your website.

Can I use the same widget on different sites/pages?

We do not recommend this . Technically you can do this, but if you use the same code on different sites you won’t get full statistics. In any ad network statistics are displayed through the code, and if you use the same code on different sites, you won’t be able to see, analyze and optimize the performance of each site, which is different in each case. Thus, you will be acting at a loss.
Placing one code on different pages of the same site is considered normal and isn’t a bad experience.

What formats of advertising do you offer at the moment?

At the moment we are connected to advertising networks that distribute teaser ads. We place them in two kinds of ad units ­ widgets and pop­unders.

What do ad blocks look like? I want to understand if there is "yellow " advertising or promotion of viruses.

We allow webmasters to regulate the content of advertisements placed by them . To do this you need to choose a type of " filter " in the "Subject" field when setting widgets in the "webmaster cabinet” :
Please pay attention : the presence or absence of a filter will directly affect the amount of your earnings.
We try to prevent the spread of any unauthorized content or malware. However, the responsibility for the quality of placed ads depends entirely on the advertiser.

How enable filtering when creating a widget?

In the "webmaster cabinet" in the menu item "Widgets" when you choose "Create New" , you will discover a special admin panel to create a widget ,there in the "Subject" you’ll see different options available for filtering advertisements.

Can I filter advertisers by domain ?

Currently, this option is not available in D­agency, but we're working on making it possible.

I placed the codes on my website, but all i see are just D­agency’s ads. What should I do?

If you can only see D­agency’s ads on your site than either you have just added a widget on your site and it has not yet been activated by a moderator, or your widget has been blocked by a moderator for some reason.
In addition, if you see D­agency’s ads in the widget may mean that coming to your site the user (for example you ) was not targeted by any advertising system and its partners.
This can happen if, for example , you’re in a country where it makes no sense to show classified ads of Russian or Ukrainian advertising networks.

If I do not find the answer to my question what should i do?

If you have any questions about the operation of the service you can contact us at support@d-agency.net