Examples of Advertisements

Ad units may consist of one or more teasers . Teaser ­ is a short text message about your product or service, accompanied by a corresponding picture. Ad units are typically the shape and size of the most common of banners, thus can be placed on the majority of sites.

Native ad unit

Teaser is an advertisement , consisting of the image of the object being advertised, a short text with a headline, a description of the product and, in most cases, links to the advertiser's site.An ad unit may include one or many teasers.

With hovering text

Ad unit with images of promotional items; when you hover over the image with your cursor the product description and the promotional offer appears.

With text over the image

Consists of images of the advertised products and a short text over the image

Textual link

Ad unit consisting of several advertisements, includes a title, description of the product and link to the advertiser's site.

Stretchy informer (stretches height­wise)

An ad unit consisting of a large number of teasers that “stretches” according to the height of the web page: as the user views the page from top to bottom ­ new teasers appear in the ad unit.

Attached to the footer

Ad unit consisting of several teasers, located across the width of the bottom of the web page and not shifting as the viewer scrolls through.

Pop­under ads

Advertising page­unit, consisting of dozens of teasers. The page loads when the visitor enters a site and rests under the open browser windows. The visitor sees a pop­under only when they close all windows.

JS pop­under, that opens in the browser from a click

Loads over the page you’re opening. The user can see the page only after closing the pop­under.

Wave effect

Images in such ad unit are synchronously rotated at regular intervals.

Drum ad unit

A moving row of teasers that look like a slow change of frames on film

Side bar

Ad unit consisting of several teasers, falling out of the right side of the web page.


Miniature ad unit scrolling text with a few smoothly replace text ads.

Flash - banner

Animated flash-banner. Is a perfect solution in advertising of goods. Increases the eficiency of one ad placement. Not only links directly to the page you represent, but gives the visitor an idea of your goods, company and service. Our managers will provide you with attractive banners for the best effect on visitors impression.

Alternative mobile ad unit

Is a quite pleasing and presentable in appearance ad unit. Is always placed on the footer of the screen. Mobile ad unit is a great solution for sites with both mobile and web traffic. Since it's possible to turn any web ad unit into alternative mobile ad unit.