About Us

Thanks to Real Time Bidding technology advertisers and webmasters can take advantage of multiple ad networks simultaneously, without additional costs for the services of an intermediary company. Moreover, your ads, banners and teasers are shown only to interested users through expert automated targeting.

The principles of D­agency are based precisely on this technology.

How is cooperating with D­agency beneficial and convenient for you?

For Advertisers:

+ You simultaneously use all the advantages of the most interesting offers from leading ad networks in the world.

+ Your ads will be seen only by those visitors who really find them interesting and neccessary. Thanks to the revolutionary system of precise targeting the system selects the right platform, the right person and shows them your message at the right time. Thus truly effective advertising is born.

For Webmasters:

+ The system determines and displays the most expensive ads with the highest level of efficiency for each specific visitor of your web resource. As a result, you get the most profitable performance figures ( high CPC and high CTR).

+ You no longer need to analyze and select advertising for your sites on your own. Just insert the D­agency’s ad unit code to the site and choose your preferred themes and types of ads in your account. The system will do the rest for you.

+ D­agency’s personal manager will help you set up the ad unit so that it would bring the highest possible profit , and will oversee and analyze the work of the ad unit on all of your sites in the future.

+ You can work with several advertising networks without commission , while using all the advantages of our technology absolutely free of charge!